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1. What is the central conflict of each story? Is it external or internal conflict? Explain.
Both of them wanted to buy each other a special present for Christmas but they are in lack of money. It is an external conflict because they are both struggling with the economy of the world. They are earn less than they need to pay. It is really an internal conflict. Della wonders whether she should cut her hair or not.

2. What is the exposition of the story?
The exposition of the story is when Christmas was about to come and Della wanted to buy a present for her husband, Jim. But Della is in lack of money.

3. What is the setting of the story?
The setting of the story is in United States, during the time 1890s. They live in a flat.

4. What is the climax?
The climax of the story is when Jim came into the room and Della is also ready to give him her present. After that, they found out that they each sacrificed what the present is used with. After that, they realized that their present for each other is useless now.

5. What is the resolution?
The resolution of the story is they kept their present away not trying to think about the present they had bought and what they have to sacrifice.

6. What kind of narration is need? (First person, third person limited, third person omniscient). How do we know?
The story uses third person limited. We know that they use third person limited, because the author uses the name of the character, and tells the thought of Della, but didn’t tell the thought of Jim.

7. Pick two characters from the story and describe their physical and mental characteristic. Are they flat? Or round characters? Explain. Are the static or dynamic characters? Explain.
The two characters are Jim and Della. They are mental characteristic, because they have feeling, especially romance. They are both flat. They are also static. They never change throughout the story.

8. What is the irony in the story? Why is it ironic? What kind of irony is it?
The irony in the story is when they both sacrificed their most valuable thing to buy each other a gift for Christmas. However, the gift that they bought is useless for one another. It is irony because we didn’t expect that the present that they buy for their other one is actually used with what they had sold. It is a situational irony.
9. What is the story theme or themes (should be stated in full sentence) Explain why that is the theme.
The theme of the story is “when there’s love, there is sacrifice”. It is a theme of the story because they love each other very much that they can sacrifice the most important thing for their love ones.

10. Are there any element symbols in your story?
The hair and the watch represents the thing one loves the most and they are able to sacrifice it for their lovers.

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