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Grover Dill and the Tasmanian Devil
by Group 2 (Nilay,Eileen,Alissa,Bank, and Mat.)

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1. What is the central conflict of each story? Is it external or internal conflict? Explain.
The conflict in this story is an internal conflict between the narrator and himself. He is scared of a bully named Grover Dill but never has the courage to stand up for himself. He states that all beings have a Tasmanian devil in them. He is struggling with his and cannot control it. There is also the external conflict between Ralph and Grover Dill.
2. What is the exposition of the story?
Grover Dill is a bully who everyone fears in school a well as the neighborhood. He is the narrator’s greatest fear. Grover Dill terrorizes everyone including the narrator. But one day while playing ball everything is about to change.
3. What is the setting of the story?
The setting of the story is in the US, in Northern Indiana near in a town near the Michigan River and the Canadian Woods were nature defines beauty. In a place were winters can kill you and summers can cook you.
4. What is the climax?
The Climax of the story is when Grover knocks the narrator over and gets into a fight rolling and punching each other. The fact is the narrator fought back. His Tasmanian devil came out. But leaving Grover in a bloody condition could result in serious consequences, what will happen next.
5. What is the resolution?
The resolution of the story is when Grover runs away and the narrator returns home. He cannot believe what he had just down. He was scared to death and doesn’t know what will happen to him next. He goes to sleep, not alone but along with his Tasmanian devil.
6. What kind of narration is need? (First person, third person limited, third person omniscient). How do we know?
This stories narration mode is in first person as the narrator himself is the main character and tells the story through his experience. He uses “I” to narrate the story.
7. Pick two characters from the story and describe their physical and mental characteristic. Are they flat? Or round characters? Explain. Are the static or dynamic characters? Explain.
Grover Dill is a big strong bully about six feet tall. He has a terrifying look about him. And his first impression can cause a seventy year old to get a stroke. He thinks he is the best at everything and naturally likes to pick on the people smaller than him. The narrator is the main character and is quit different from Grover. His first impression is that he is humble, but actually he has a strong Tasmanian devil in him. He is not brave and he respects elders, unless treated badly. He struggles to stand up for himself but is simply not brave enough. Grover is a flat character as he has few characteristics, in fact one being he is a bully. The narrator is a flat character because he has one characteristic that he is humble and changes during the story and in fact beats Grove up. But he changes back to his usual self therefore he is flat. Both are dynamic characters because for the first time in the climax the narrator bullies Grover physically therefore they undergo an important, internal change because of the action in the plot.
8. What is the irony in the story? Why is it ironic? What kind of irony is it?
In the story the irony is when the narrator beats up Grover and this is physical irony because the character does something physical that the reader would not expect. The victim bullies the bully in the climax. Now that is real irony.
9. What is the story theme or themes (should be stated in full sentence) Explain why that is the theme.
“Everyone has a Tasmanian devil in them, in other words everyone is not perfect and has a nature to fight back.” This is the theme because in the story Grover bullied the narrator to the limit that the narrator’s Tasmanian devil was awakened causing it to attack Grover. Everyone has a Tasmanian devil it just takes something or someone to invite it out.
10. Are there any element symbols in your story?
The story symbolizes all those victims around the word who revolt against the bully because of their Tasmanian devil and cant do any thing. This shows how human nature is. Some things you just simply can’t control and every being is the same in terms of nature.

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